Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Reflection

Today, being the last day of August, I am thinking back on this month in awe.  The sales in the etsy shop were the best they have ever been!  Maybe it was the discounts, maybe it was birthday luck?  Who knows, but I can't be more happy that so many gemstones were shipped out across the country to help people with whatever healing they need.

Today is the last day of the special discounted prices in the online stores, deals that have been going on all summer and are finally coming to an end.  That means it's back to the store to mark everything back up, but I feel hesitant to do so.  While I will end the storewide discounts, I could plan some new specials and sales!  I really want people to have the gemstones, I almost feel like giving it away!  Well, maybe not just giving it all away, but I could have a special "giveaway".  Stay tuned to find out what I come up with...

Well, August was very warm, hot in fact, mostly sunny and full of excitement and anticipation of the impending "first day of school", my birthday, another anniversary, the introduction of 2 new pet hermit crabs and the quick demise of Perry the Crab - R.I.P who will soon be replaced by Perry Jr. or maybe even Percilla (how do you know if a crab is a boy or girl?).  Happy August and welcome Autumn!


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