Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Baby Boost" for fertility

I have to mention the "Baby Boost" gemstone healing bracelet for increased fertility.  This was one of the first bracelets that JP GemEnergy created and it was an immediate success! 

"Baby Boost" bracelet for fertility

One of my first customers who purchased this bracelet was having trouble conceiving naturally and had a history of miscarriage.  She was all ready to head over to the fertility clinic when she decided she would give it a little more time and get one of the "Baby Boost" bracelets first.  The result of this purchase is now an adorable 8-1/2 month baby boy!  This was one of the first stories in a long line of successes that I was informed of by customers who had purchased a "Baby Boost" bracelet.  From friends, to relatives, to friends of friends, the energy seems to get to where it needs to go! 

"Baby Boost" Baby Sam
 I was recently informed of another postitive outcome as a customer had a custom "Baby Boost" pendant necklace made for her daughter's friend (another first customer) who also had a history of miscarriage.  This friend has a 1-yr old boy and she bought the necklace from me about 14 months ago!

I'm sure there are more stories, as the total sales of the "Baby Boost" bracelet is around 20, but I can only hope they are all as positive as the stories I have learned of.  Is the bracelet magical?  Well, some make think so, but really, it is the combination of the natural energies in the stones plus adding Reiki, (“Rei” meaning “God’s wisdom”, and “Ki” meaning “life force energy”) or “spiritually guided life force energy”.

This is one bracelet that has proven the impact of the gemstone energies on the aura of the wearer.  It is a gift from God.

Many Blessings!

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