Monday, September 13, 2010

A moment to breathe

It's not very often that I get a chance or even take the time to just breathe.  There is always so much to get done, somewhere to go and then when there is time, I find something else I need to do.  I'm not sure why I don't find time for myself more often, maybe it seems like wasted time?  Maybe there are more important things to get done?  Who knows, but today, finally, I found some time to breathe.

I hate exercising on Mondays, so what did I do this morning?  I exercised, and how.  First, a 1-hour spinning class at the gym, which 1/2 way through I wanted to quit, but happy I finished strong.  Then, a 1-hour walk around a nearby park.  I was glad to find the walking path and the sun was shinning, the sky so blue without a cloud and a lovely 82 degrees.  With music playing through my ear buds from my iPod, I proceeded on a walk.  I didn't care how far, how long, how fast or anything, I just wanted to walk.  About 50 minutes into the walk and a few circles around the park, I started to observe the sights around me.  Not just notice them, but really look.  The green leaves on the trees, the freshly cut grass, the squirrels running around with large acorns in their mouths.  I felt the urge to stop, so I found a perfect spot under a shady tree and sat in lotus position (cross-legged), closed my eyes and began to concentrate on my breathing.  The meditation began.  I could feel the breeze blow gently against my body and could sense the slowing of my breathing (I occasionally peaked at my heart rate monitor to see how low it was going).  At a comfortable 84 beats per minute, I was in a state of peaceful bliss.  I opened my eyes and viewed the world around me with "new eyes".  I could see the bright aura's of the distant trees lifting towards the skies.  The brightness of the green leaves and grass glowing like the sun itself.  I looked around slowly for a few more minutes, in awe and wonder at what I saw and promised myself I would hold onto this feeling for as long as possible.

I got up slowly and finished my walk back to my car and prepared for the rest of my day.  As I move about doing the necessary duties of the day, I stop often and take a few moments to just breathe.  I hope you will find some time in your day to breathe.


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