Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Moment to Treasure

What do you treasure?

Maybe a piece of jewelry or heirloom from a relative?  An old painting or photograph of someone you love?  How about a favorite book or novel?  Possibly a playlist on your iPod or a favorite song?  It could even be a few moments of peace and quiet or that minute to just breathe.

Take a moment to think about what you treasure most (besides your children and family - as most of us do).  How do you feel when you come across your treasure?  When you are holding that piece of jewelry, looking at that photography, hearing that favorite song, finding that peace, breathing?  Excitement? Elation? Peace? Familiarity? Happiness?  It could be any or all of these, and what makes us feel this way?  Why do we treasure these things and why do they bring such joy in our lives?

Stop, breathe, and meditate on the things you treasure to understand not only "what" we treasure, but "why" we treasure to find the true meaning behind this word, "treasure".

Surrround yourself with the things you treasure most and may your life be filled with happiness and peace eternal.

~You are God's treasure!

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