Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Heart of Gold

Back in September, I decided to volunteer to run our school's annual Christmas Shoppe fund raiser/service event held every December.  Being a member of Etsy since 2009 and wanting to share handmade items with the church/school community, I set out to find shops that could put their unique, handmade items in the Christmas Shoppe.  I was overwhelmed with responses from shops wanting to get their items in the shoppe, but one shop stood out among the others.  It was shastapea (aka Shana).  She wanted to create some beautifully decorated trinket boxes for the Chrismas Shoppe for pennies!  I was astounded by her generosity and began the process of deciding the details of this purchase.  

I didn't hear from Shana for some time.  Finally, a few weeks later, her husband sent me a message that she was in the hospital, but would be out soon and would get back to me about my order.  After that message, I didn't hear from her for many weeks and then about 2 weeks before the Christmas Shoppe, Shana sent me a message...
"I was in the hospital the last 3 weeks having surgeries but I am home now and have been working on your boxes like crazy". - She had been ill, having surgeries and still thinking of the boxes. 

She also wasn't sure she could finish the amount we had talked about...
"I really apologize for this, this is not how I do anything but I just hadn't been able to get well until recently. Turns out a woman in her early 30s can get colon cancer."

Well, I really wasn't sure what to say!  I was sad for her, wishing there was something I could do.  I just wanted to say "nevermind the order, please take care of yourself", but maybe she needed the order and the small amount of money it would cost?  I told her to go ahead and bill me for whatever she had already completed and not to worry about the rest.

And then I didn't hear from her until 1 day before the shoppe...
"I am so sorry Pam! I am back in the hospital again. This is never how I do things! I was very excited about doing all those boxes for you but I was just blindsided by this colon cancer and it still seems to be there."

Since then, all I can think about is how can I help her?  Is there anything you can do for someone who has just been diagnosed with colon cancer who constantly feels they are letting you down? 

So I am asking everyone who is reading this blog to help me, help out Shana of www.shastapea.etsy.com

I have asked her to list the trinket boxes in her shop, the ones that were intended for the Christmas Shoppe (just so we can look at them, so I told her).  If you can find it in your heart (and your wallet), please go to her shop and purchase one (or two, or three) of the boxes as a way to help her financially support her way through her battle with cancer.  Add a little prayer or well wishes to her in the "notes to seller" section.  I would love to see how many people, with a simple purchase, can make an impact on a shop owner with a heart of gold!  Thank you!

Contact me at jpgemenergy@gmail.com with questions.  Please feel free to share with other's to help Shana.  It would be wonderful to flood her store with purchases and prayers, especially during the holidays!

Thanks for stopping in to the Zen Den!

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